Bimini & Berry Islands, Bahamas

8 Days / 7 Nights

Bimini Islands are only 45 nautical miles from Miami but feel like a world apart. The Bimini Islands boast remote and secluded harbors and bays where wildlife abounds on land and sea, thus being a fantastic destination for a yacht charter. Bimini is a world-famous fishing and diving paradise. Bimini dolphin watching is a popular yacht charter activity too.

Day 1 - Depart Miami & Set Sail for Bimini

After settling in and enjoying a relaxing dinner, the crew will set sail for Bimini Island just 45 NM southeast of Fort Lauderdale.

Day 2 -  Alice Town & Bimini Bay Marina

Arrive in Alice Town, clear customs and Immigration. It is recommended to spend your first night at a marina since you will be very tired when you arrive. Bimini Blue Water Marina is a reasonable marina to stay at. Explore Alice Town, Rest, walk over to the beach and try some cracked conch for dinner at one of the local establishments.

Day 3 - North Bimini

Sail to the north end of North Bimini. Anchor off the beach and carry a picnic lunch to a wonderful swimming beach. In the afternoon sail out to Bimini Road for a nice snorkel or shallow dive. Go back in near the beach and anchor out for the night.

Day 4 - Sapon Shipwreck & Chub Cay

Leaving North Bimini, we will make a stop at the wreck of the cargo ship Sapona for some snorkeling before heading to Gun Cay and anchor on the east or west side depending on conditions.

Day 5 - Gun Cay

Dinghy into Gun Cay and explore this uninhabited island. Check out the lighthouse and the nice beaches. There is also good conching around the east side of the island. Sail on down to the south end of North Cat Cay where there is a protected bay and a beautiful beach.

Day 6 - Tuna Alley & North Cat Cay

Sail out to Tuna Alley, drop the hook, and enjoy a world-class dive site. This is a 50’ to 80’ dive with coral caverns and giant crevasses. You will see lots of reef fish and an occasional turtle, shark, and other wildlife. In the afternoon sail to the east side of North Cat Cay.

Day 7 - South Cat Cay

Sail down to South Cat Cay. Anchor off the west side for a couple for hours and do some snorkeling.

Day 8 - Disembark in Miami

The arrival time will be weather dependant but anticipate arriving at our home port before 12 Noon.

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